The Scientist

The Anthem of the SCP Science Department

By: Angelika “Dj Pika”

The poem goes to the tune of the song “The Frozen Eternal Capital” by ZUN, featured as the Stage 4 theme in his game “Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom”. The lyrics only follow the chorus of the music, which is played by the saxophones in the first two choruses, and by the trumpets at a higher octave during the last chorus which immediately follows the second. The rest is instrumental in terms of the lyrical reading of this poem. The song is looped after the last chorus, so feel free to read again after the last chorus. If you liked the music, I’d suggest playing some of the official Touhou games made by ZUN, as they feature great music and gameplay (and all of them are pretty freaking hard, as they are bullet hells).


1 The life of a scientist;

2 Living in different places under different names.

3 It can be pretty rough, knowing that you live in the world

4 that doesn't even know your face.

5 Though, there is reason to this madness;

6 So many deaths in so many ways.

7 The world often undergoes these plagues,

8 But it's best not to talk about the scientist's pain.


9 The life of a scientist;

10 Surviving in other places under other names.

11 He's been taken for granted: using all of his potential,

12 But not getting as much as one ounce of fame. 13 Though, there is no excuse to this madness;

14 Many more deaths in many more ways.

15 The blights of the earth may come forth,

16 and the scientist's work will seem a helpless game. 17 But! There is much logic behind

18 all these places and all these names!

19 Every step forward that his research takes,

20 the scientist never plans to die in vain! 21 But! The scientist exclaims!

22 "No more deaths in no more ways!"

23 He will lead the charge in the future fights,

24 Even though not one will notice the past shame!